100 US Newspapers Will Decry Trump

President Donald Trump has attacked the media very frequently for a while now. Recently, almost a 100 newspapers all across the US decided to take a unified action against it. A coordinated editorial response will be published as a reply to Trump’s media attacks.

This campaign has been organized by the Boston Globe.

The organization’s staff has approached newspapers across the country. And urged them to write an editorial condemning the President’s attacks on free media. The appeal claims that hostility and dirty war against the press must come to an end. It further says that publication regardless of their political beliefs can come up with a powerful statement together. And that it will help in defending their profession and acknowledging the vital role that it plays in the democratic government.

Almost one hundred publications decided to join this media campaign. Marjorie Pritchard- the deputy editorial page editor for the Boston Globe, confirms these numbers. These 100 newspapers includes not just large metropolitan dailies but also small weekly newspaper companies. Among the major ones to join, there are also Houston Chronicle, Miami Herald and Denver Post.

As per the appeal, every newspaper will print its own version of the editorial in their own words. The August 16 editorial will discuss the consequences of the Administration’s assault on the press.

Even when the wordings of each newspaper will be different, the common aim is to agree that these attacks on media are alarming. The overall campaign has the support of the American Society of News Editors.

The main reason behind the campaign is to bring awareness towards the President’s open criticism of the media. And his disregard for stories that he does not agree with. Often, Donald Trump has resorted to labeling media coverage as fake when he disagrees with it. He has even called the press an enemy of the general public. The media outlets believe that Trump’s anti-press words are very close to causing violence in society. The tensions increase at Trump rallies when his supporters harass the reporters. And they often seem to have the support of their leader- President Donald Trump.

On many occasions, the President has even attacked major news organizations like New York times and the Amazon Washington Post with their names. It seems like publications have had enough. And are finally standing up to defend their institutes.

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