3-D Guns: A New Threat
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3-D Guns: A New Threat

Accessing 3-D guns has become so simple that it is posing a major threat to society. With a 3-D printed, blue prints and the right materials, you can make for yourself a 3-D gun. But that implies that there are no means of registering it, issuing serial numbers or tracking any criminal activity done from it.

With this trend of 3-D guns going mainstream, policymakers are seriously concerned.

Recently, a restraining order was issued to stop the release of 3-D printed gun designs online. It was based on the fact that the damage it causes would be irreparable.

President Trump himself tweeted that he does not think that selling plastic 3-D guns to the public was a sensible idea. And that he had talked to the NRA about it. But this whole issue of 3-D guns becoming so publicly available arose with the Trump administration. Previously, under President Barack Obama,¬†libertarian Cody Wilson was forced to not reveal any such blueprints. Even when he sued the administration for the case, the court’s decision was ruled in favor of the government. However, when President Trump’s government came, Wilson was able to come to a settlement that allowed him to see his blueprints. In fact, the administration even paid him $40,000 for his legal costs.

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What makes 3-D guns a threat?

The threat and fear associated with 3-D guns has increased so much today. Just because all you need to make a gun is some right materials,and the blueprints inside a 3-D printer. Even when the costs of this might be great, slowly 3-D technology is becoming cheaper and better. So it’s just a matter of time before costs will no longer be a hindrance to those wishing to make arms for themselves.

With 3-D guns, people escape the background checks to ensure if they can have a gun or not. And thus, it allows prohibited individuals to keep firearms. Further, without legal documentation, it’s impossible to trace the gun back to its user in case of any criminal activity involvement. All of this makes the 3-D gun super attractive for criminals. According to a gun policy expert at Duke University, 3-D guns will build favorable atmospheres for street gangs and terrorists. He argued that,

My guess is that the first movers will be terrorists and insurrectionists who are determined to destroy our current system of government. Over the longer term, if this form of manufacturing becomes cheap enough, it may become a major source of supply for street gangs and other criminals.

And that’s just true. Anybody who wishes to keep a gun for the right reasons has no point in avoiding the law. Or running from documentation for that matter. 3-D guns are truly posing severe threats to security in the country. It’s time that the Trump administration controls its policies and the liberty allowed to companies like that of Wilson.

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