6 Benefits of Video Games You Didn’t Know

Hey, you video game lovers! Are you sick from taunts from family and friends that complain about you not spending enough time with them? Well, science says to not care about that and to keep playing folks. Apparently, there are some cool benefits to video games that you didn’t know.

3D Gaming Improves Memory

Some smart people at the University of California studied the effects of video games on people. They discovered that those who played a 3D game had a better memory than those who didn’t. So don’t cram in for that test tomorrow, just play a video game.

Better Vision

Playing video games trains your eyes to distinguish colors and its subtle shades much better. It can be either used to improve eyesight in the future if more studies are done on it.

Bigger Brain Size

There was a study in Germany where volunteers played some good ole Mario Kart and then had their brains scanned, (you know just another Tuesday!), But the researchers found out that some areas in the brain increases in size, especially those responsible for strategic planning and the formation of memory.

Makes you more responsible

Makes You More Responsible

Video games help bring out leadership traits that you can use in real life too if you’re not the busy killing of those orcs. It gives you a better sense of strategy and skills that you can take inspiration from in other areas of your life. Playing games actively hones your creativity in problem solving and planning.

Good for mental health

This is pretty obvious, those who are depressed can escape the shitty world they live in by going into a virtual one where they are the hero.  Video games have been found to overall reduce stress as well.

Improves social skills

Thanks to online gaming, a lot of interaction takes place between all kinds of people, and thus it helps increase your social skills and general tolerance to 12-year-olds calling you “Noob.”

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