6 Most Badass Heroes Of History

You don’t have to have specific nationality to be badass! Some humans were just born with the ability to be heroes and make the world a better place. You thought bunking that class after meeting your professor was badass. Or flirting with two sisters together was badass, maybe? You need to learn a lesson from these badass heroes of history who took it to a whole other level!

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Ben L. Salomon

A normal dentist in the US army killed transformed into Superman mode when enemy soldiers invaded his medical camp. He single-handedly killed a hundred of these suckers and even helped the wounded to escape. Salomon died taking along with him most of the part of one German troop. Talk about courage, uh?

Fred White

In 1979, a destructive hurricane hit Dominica and destroyed the island. There was no way to connect with the outside world. In this time of need, Operator Fred protected his only Kenwood radio, making it a disaster management unit. Like a boss, he used it to send signals to other lands and managing operations in Dominica.

Matvey Kuzmin

This 80-year old badass peasant took an entire troop of German soldiers alone and took no credits for it. He helped to lure the whole troop into a trap set by the Red Army. Even when this hero died, he made sure he took along 50 Germans while leading to the capture of the other 20! Matvey Kuzmin, more like Matvey Kuz, the man.

Jesus Garcia

He worked as a brakeman for a train that ran between Mexico and Arizona. When driving a train, he noticed that one compartment had caught fire while the rest of them had dynamite and detonators. So he drove to action, evacuated most of the members, and drove the train away from Nacozari. He sacrificed his life but saved his town! Wow, I can’t even sacrifice my Oreos for anybody else!

Ching Shih

If Khaleesi were a real prostitute and Chinese, then her name would be Ching Shih. When her pirate husband died, she commanded 80,000 outlaws of all his fleet kicking the ass of the Chinese, British and Dutch governments alone! We need more women role models like her.


This guy just tiptoed through all of Europe and conquered the hell out of it. He won over 65 battles with only his scouting force. This guy knew how to tell Europe to stay in its place.