Facebook is adding a new dating feature

Two months ago, Facebook announced that it was adding a dating feature into its application. Facebook dating will not launch a standalone dating application. But will incorporate this feature inside its main app. Even though it is not launched for the public yet, internal testing by company employees in under process. However, Facebook employees are warned that they can not use it to date their co-workers. Facebook released a preview of this new feature back in its F8 conference in May.

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But now owing to the screenshots pulled from Facebook app’s code by TechCrunch tipster Jane Munchun Wong, we now have a look on its on boarding process.

From the looks of it, the design for Facebook Dating gives it a mature look. It seems to be more purposeful in allowing you to find a serious partner. And not just flings or one-night stands.

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

Those who enable the Facebook Dating feature will give other people who have turned it on access to their profiles. Whether or not you use Facebook Dating, nothing will be shared on the News Feed. You can choose your own privacy there. That means that they will have the option to choose if their friends of friends can see them or not. Further, the Facebook Dating profiles will allow non-binary, transgender and orientation options. The user will be able to unlock groups and events that they are a part of as dating. Matches will appear for you based on the multiple information that Facebook already has about you. If two people express interest in one another, they can later take their conversation to other platforms like Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.

Facebook is considering administering the limit of how many people a user can express interest in.

This way the company can have control on spammers who approve every person they come across. If you block someone on Facebook Dating, they will not be blocked on regular Facebook. But this policy is still not final and under review. Dating will be only available for users who are 18+ and considered adults by the law.

Currently, Facebook is not just aiming to enter the industry with its Dating feature with a flashy app. But rather considering the recent privacy outbreak it faced, the company is being extremely careful now. Facebook intends to create a feature that helps people develop meaningful relationships. It hopes that by doing so, the feature will prove useful and stick in the market over the years.

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