Fourth Evictee Kaitlyn Herman Knew She Was Leaving ‘Big Brother’

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, contestant Kaitlyn Herman says that she knew she was about to be leave from the show Big Brother. The show has had 19 seasons before this one and it has become a cultural phenomena.

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Big Brother Show’s Premise

It’s an interesting premise: people living together in a huge house and having themselves be recorded on television for their every move. At the end of each week, someone has to be voted out by a majority of the other contestants. It’s the reality TV show people have grown to enjoy with all its real and sometimes fabricated drama. The last contestant that stays wins a sum of $500,000.

Latest Contestant to Leave: Kaitlyn Herman

The latest contestant Kaitlyn had an idea that she was about to leave the show. Things got messy for her at the end. She and another contestant Haleigh were constantly criticized for being too friendly and flirtatious with the male contestants of the house. Thus, Sam had nominated them both to be chosen for the coming eviction. Sam completely ignored that male contestants themselves flirt a lot in the house they share.

There was an option to use Veto by Fessy that he could use to save either Haleigh or Kaitlyn Herman. He had promised both but ended up choosing to save Haleigh. Since they had become really good friends in the show, we are guessing Kaitlyn was very hurt by this decision of his.

Differing Opinions on Empowerment of Women

Even when Kaitlyn could have saved herself after finishing a puzzle in the show, she gave up at the end and accepted defeat almost immediately. She later said that she regrets this decision. She commented on Sam’s ideology of an empowered female, she said,

I think Sam and I have very different opinions on the meaning of an empowered female. Sure, do I think her actions were hypocritical, absolutely. But, they were hypocritical to my definition of an empowered woman and not to hers.

We can certainly agree that it was a diplomatic thing to say. It was obvious that Kaitlyn really wanted a female to win as she stated that if she had stayed on the show she would have evicted JC and Fessy. The waves of feminism were really strong for Kaitlyn and she wanted the show to be a testament of that as well.

Kaitlyn Herman Accepts Her Departure

But Kaitlyn Herman was not completely crushed by the fact that she had to leave. She just chose to accept that staying in the show was not meant for her. Perhaps she can do something more her brave ideology of feminism in the real world. She tweeted this message to her fans.

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