Fredrick Douglass Compels Us To Think Of 4th of July Differently Even Today!

Fredrick Douglass Compels Us To Think Of 4th of July Differently Even Today!

Fredrick Douglass – the American social reformer and orator that the United States can not forget in another million years. Years after his demise, his works still compel us to think about 4th of July 2018 in a whole different way.

Throughout his life, Fredrick Douglass fought for the freedom and rights of African Americans in the country.

He used his speeches, writings, and symbolism to stand up against slavery. Fredrick Douglass however just did not limit his work to slavery. Even after Lincoln abolished that institute, Douglass continued to campaign for civil rights. He also took upon himself to work towards the empowerment of African Americans in the United States. His visions, publications, and other literary works still form a significant part of America’s cultural history.

Fredrick Douglass worked endlessly on both the slavery and the African American freedom genres. His influences are still greatly felt even in hip hop songs. Alas, his visions came into recognition when Barack Obama became the first African American President of the country!

But Fredrick Douglas was not just an inspiration in his own times. Even today, his efforts mark great importance and continue to alter our thinking. As 4th of July 2018 is celebrated throughout the country, people are relating to his work more than ever. Especially the African Americans in our society. Twitter is continually bombarded with quotes from his influential speeches on human rights and slavery. Probably, just a clear reflection on where America stands today.

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Since Fredrick Douglas claimed that 4th of July did not bring independence to the slaves, people are using his speech from 1852 to mark 2018.

Fredrick Douglas also put forward the view that this independence day just throws back the injustice and cruelty of society right into the slave’s face. And yes, 4th of July 2018 is no different for America.

Those reacting to 4th of July 2018 by using Fredrick Douglas and his works are usually the African Americans today. It’s only them who can still relate to oppression and injustice even in modern times. Plus, with the conservative government in place, Muslims and Mexican immigrant families can relate to their sentiments as well.

Probably, every year on 4th of July, we should remember Fredrick Douglas and his efforts because they seem relevant every time. Here’s how people are remembering him!

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