International Mother’s Day – Not Everyone Chooses To Celebrate!

While everyone is busy honoring their moms on International Mother’s Day, there are people who willingly choose to not celebrate. Sounds absurd, but it’s totally true! You might wonder who would be insane enough to not value their mom at least on International Mother’s Day. But what can we say, these people exist!

This year on International Mother’s Day, a writer from the USA Today reveals how she sent her mother tulips worth $75, but willingly chose to not see her. Not like she had any other plans, or her mother lived very far away. But she made this decision out of choice- she just did not wish to see her mom anymore! She has not seen her mother since International Mother’s Day last year, and she does not regret it!

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Why would she want to not celebrate Mother’s Day with her mother?

Why would she want to not celebrate Mother's Day with her mother?

This girl says that her mother kicked her out of her house last year on International Mother’s Day. And she was not ready to let that go. She could just show up at her mom’s place this year, and make things okay. But she does not want to become the good daughter anymore.

She says,

I asked myself if being a good daughter is worth it if it means never saying when I’m hurt or disappointed, and silently letting it go when she chooses not to apologize or even acknowledge how deeply her words can affect me. I decided that it wasn’t. So I’ve opted not to celebrate with her this year. This year I’ve decided that the obligation of family isn’t worth the dents to my self-esteem or mental health. I can’t keep taking hits from someone just because they raised me.

You would say it’s fine because she at least did what she could. Well, is sending someone who gave you birth $75 tulips on International Mother’s Day your only responsibility? If you can’t forgive the woman who brought you into this world for a few harsh words, maybe she didn’t do a very good job raising you!

Probably International Mother’s Day is the only year of the day when everyone actually pays respect and gratitude to their mothers. But if she can not even do that, is she really grateful for all the sacrifices her mom made to get her to the point where can afford to live without her?

Your mom has seen unimaginable difficulties to get you to grow into strong, independent individuals. But if every year, we can not even take International Mother’s Day as a chance to shower her with endless love and gratitude, what are we even doing?

Value your mothers before it’s too late! Happy International Mother’s Day to all the precious moms out there. Kudos to all of you for being out ultimate support systems!

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