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Music Composer Richard Swift Dies at 41

Music composer, song-writer and producer, Richard Swift has died at the age of 41. Swift had been diagnosed with a serious medical condition which finally took his life this morning. Since he was going through this life-threatening condition, the family started a fundraising page on Facebook.

The GoFundMe page was aimed at raising $100,000 to pay the hospital bills for Richard Swift.

Lately, the page had updated about Swift’s condition, considering it positive.

The page owner, Lindsay Behr shared that,

Doctors are impressed with the way he has been responding to the care he’s been getting.

Unfortunately, his condition got worse and he passed away.

Starting from 2005, Richard Swift had released a number of albums that combined his guitar-driven lyrics together with his soulful vocals. He won a number of nominations and awards for his music. Richard Swift also worked on the Pretender’s 2016 album. His albums like Dressed Up For The Let Down and The Atlantic Ocean have also been widely popular during the years they were released. Not just as a singer, but also as a producer, Richard Swift brought forward some masterpieces. He had his contributions in the critically acclaimed records by Kevin Morby and Damien Jurado.

Richard Swift was also part of indie rock bands like The Arcs, The Black Keys, and The Shins.

His association with the band was brief, and as a bassist in 2014. However, he left imprints on the hearts of his band mates who are deeply saddened by his death.

Dan Auerbach, his band mate shared his condolences on his personal Instagram page saying,

Today the world lost one of the most talented musicians I know. He’s now with his Mom and Sister. I will miss you my friend.

The Black Keys also shared their feelings on this tragic loss exclaiming that,

He was the funniest person we ever met, one of the most talented musicians we have ever worked with and we feel so honored to have known him. RIP Richard.

Richard Swift had also worked with numerous celebrities who not only supported his fund raising campaigns, but are grieving over his death. Jonathon Rado from Foxygen made a tweet saying,

Today i lost one of my best friends. family. my hero. my everything. one of the true greats. swift was my music dad. he taught me everything i know & i will never forget him.

The world has indeed been deprived of a great musician. We hope that his soul rests in peace.

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