NBC's 'Making it' has a Good Start!

NBC’s ‘Making it’ has a Good Start!

NBC’s ‘Making It’ is off to a great start. The show topped the overnight ratings on NBC this Tuesday. And had a 1.1 rating from adults between ages of 18 and 49. To top it off, ‘Making It’ had 5.3 million viewers and thus, the most-watched series premiere for this summer. Further, the show had a benefit of lead in from America’s Got Talent. The latter was a steady week-to-week and enjoyed a 2.1 rating with 11.2 million viewers.

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‘Making It’ comes from Amy Poehler and her former costar Nick Offerman.

When Amy first came up with the idea of the crafting competition show, she knew that the only person fit to do it with her was the renowned woodworker Nick Offerman. ‘Making It’ marks Amy Poehler’s first unscripted show on television. It is basically a collaboration with her Paper Kite production company where creative minds from across the country join and participate in a series of design challenges. The challenges can be anything. From creating wedding cake toppers to redecorating entire rooms and building forts. Simon Doonan and Dayna Isom Johnson have joined ‘Making It’ as the judges. The judges would be Barney’s New York creative ambassador  and Etsy trend expert respectively.

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman returned as hosts to ‘Making It’ and they are definitely enjoying their duties better than being on the judges panel.

Offerman shared that this way they can help the contestants, root for them, and behind the scenes convince everyone that nobody should go home. The hosts have utmost respect for one another. In fact, Nick Offerman accepted the offer to join the show immediately. And only because Amy Poehler was like a sibling to him. Offerman added that she was a great sister, an exemplary leader, and could be a clown when needed. All of what added to the most perfect combination.

Being executive producers, both Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman wanted to bring something different with ‘Making It’. They had to create a show previously not done. Therefore, a crafting show proved to be a good option.

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