People Still Believe In Mercury Retrograde

Our society as we know it went through a lot of changes ever since the Industrial evolution took place. The world started to enter into a new era of innovation and research. All fields of the academic world prospered and gradually everyone started to rely more on science to explain strange and confusing events instead of superstition.

So it’s quite a mystery as to why people still choose to believe that everything wrong in their life is due to our fellow planet Mercury seemingly orbiting backwards. But let us explore that further.

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What is Mercury Retrograde

If you’ve never heard of this phenomena before, Mercury Retrograde is an optical illusion that occurs during the year for about a time period of three weeks when the planet appears to orbit in the opposite direction. It’s quite common and has been occurring since the dawn of time. It’s so old that even Aztecs used this to explain strange things happening.

Astrological Significance

So, how did humanity suddenly associate this event with bad events happening in their life? Well, the planet mercury is named after the Roman god of messenger. As the most knowledgeable in the olden mythology would tell you, it’s the messenger of communication.

When incidents like miscommunications and understandings used to happen in this particular time periods, people just connected the two and conveniently used it as an explanation for everything that’s going wrong in their lives.

Coincidence or Factual?

That entirely depends on your particular set of beliefs and values. Mercury Retrograde is occurring these past few days. If you’ve experienced any sort of falling out or strains in your relationships with people around you without any logical cause, you might believe that this event was the main factor. If you’re especially interested in the astrological world, then you would already know this and might have prepared a list of things to do to prevent any problems that might be there due to this event. It might make you more careful and tread lightly with people around you. Some might become withdrawn and keep social contact to the minimum. Ans some might become extra compassionate and understanding during this time.

Then there is another group of people that would not choose to believe in any of this, because after all misunderstandings and miscommunications happen throughout the year regardless of Mercy Retrograde taking place or not. This group of people might just call it coincidence and not think too much on it. So, they won’t alter their daily schedule and behavior all that much as they see no need.

People will always have a difference of opinion on the matter. For some, astrology and the New Age theme in general might spark a lot of interest in them and they might be avid believers of it. The rest might just call it pseudo science and dismiss it entirely. But if an optical illusion such as the Mercury Retrograde may make people more caring and understanding generally for a few weeks in the year, then maybe it’s not such a bad thing to believe in.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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