Ruth Wilson Leaves ‘The Affair’ show

Not to spoil the latest episode for anyone, but The Affair on Showtime just got so much more interesting. Well, episode 8 of the fourth season pretty much had everything. Bad days, unexpected meetings, and some blasts from the past. Everything in the episode kept the viewers hooked for the biggest surprise that the show had to offer.

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Alison Bailey played by Ruth Wilson has always been one important part of the show.

Even though we did not hear anything from her or even see her breathe on the latest episode, she was still the focus. Life has recently given Alison a lot to think about. Previously, she met her long-lost father who claimed that he wanted to get in touch earlier but was denied by Alison’s mother. Not just did her father make an unexpected appearance in her life, but even asked her for a kidney. Suddenly, Alison is forced to consider his request. She just recalled that he once saved her from drowning when she was a child.

Things did not stop messing up just right there. When Alison Bailey approached her mother asking why she denied her father the access, she learns something even worse. Alison Bailey was not born out of an affair. Rather, an unreported rape. When Alison took this news to her boyfriend, there’s another surprise awaiting her. She met his wife who she never knew even existed. It got even worse. Alison Bailey got onto a plane to see her ex-husband. But on the plane she got groped by her seatmate. And to top things off, she was the one to get arrested and not the groper.

And when fans believed that nothing more tragic could happen, tonight’s episode gave Alison Bailey’s life a whole new turn.

Alison had gone missing for the show. Both her exes Cole and Noah come together and form a team to search for the missing woman. But turns out that instead of Alison, they find her dead body. She had drowned herself. Both Cole and Noah confirmed the news as they identified her at the morgue.

The Affair had always been Alison Bailey’s story. Ever since she disappeared in the start of season 4, fans were predicting something is up. But nobody would have guessed that the key character would die. Now that this season has only two episodes left, the story might take another turn. Showtime has recently announced that The Affair will be renewed for a fifth season.

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