Timeless Has a Two-Part Series Finale!

Timeless Has a Two-Part Series Finale!

Everyone loved the new TV show created on the premise of time travel. It had common plot-lines to time travel themed stories but this one had a twist. A terrorist played by Goran Visnjic steals a time machine and goes back in time to mess with history in a way as we’ve never seen before. So, Homeland security paired up three people together to save the world from the unwanted consequences of Goran’s actions.

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Who’s Saving the World

The team consists of a historian and anthropologist Lucy who’s serving as the brains of the operation, a military soldier Wyatt Logan to be the muscle and Rufus Carlin the computer programmer. The show has some hilarious moments such as using current names such as Dr. Dre and Nurse Jackie as aliases in the past. The audience was pleased to see such character development taking place and finally talk about the beloved character Connor.

But despite its uniqueness, the network decided to cancel the show. When it was picked up by another one, it got canceled for the second time. Though, today it has been stated that there will be a two-hour movie wrap to give the show the farewell it deserves. Obviously, NBC and Sony TV were discussing this in detail before the decision to get a finale was reached.

The writers of Timeless broke the news today on Twitter,

When Will ‘Timeless’ Be Available

It’s going to be available on Hulu in December. Even though the show wasn’t something entirely out of the box, fans still couldn’t let this one go. They had proper campaigns in hopes of getting the TV show to be picked by another studio. Unfortunately, it wasn’t picked up but the audience was given this special finale.

Lisa Katz, the co-president of NBC shared that she was excited to give another final farewell to the show and added that,

“A huge thank you to all — our cast, crew, producers and partners at Sony – who have worked so very hard, and to the fans who kept us on our toes and made sure we did our very best week after week.”

The show’s creators talked about the fact that they did want to create as many seasons as they could with Timeless but sadly this wasn’t the case. They still wanted to honor the show and will give it the best ending they can.

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