Why Method Acting Became Important

A lot of times you’ve seen your favorite actors playing all kinds of characters. However, some actors go beyond simple acting and opt to use method acting to help make their acting more realistic. Besides, it perfectly fits complex characters. A lot of you might consider method acting mysterious and a bit extreme. But box office figures and Academy Awards respectfully disagree!

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Many popular actors have opted for method acting. And it surely reaped huge successes.

This has been inspiring more and more people in the industry, giving method acting way more importance now.

It’s not just these academy awards that inspire people to opt for method acting but also, a whole lot of other reasons are out there. The film industry is crammed with tonnes of movies with hundreds of actors in them. But is everyone good at mastering method acting? Nope, it’s a skill very few have, and it does take them places. Only this technique can lead to the most perfect of performances that sell good in cinemas. Box office figures touch heights only for movies where acting is as realistic as possible. Method acting just triples your chances of producing masterpieces that people will always remember you with.

Recently, method acting has just doubled its importance with all these people getting Oscars for it

Which sane human wouldn’t wanna get an Oscar themselves now? If you check out the number of academy awards method actors have won, maybe you would change your mind too. Let’s look at Daniel Day Lewis who has added three Academy Awards for ‘Best Actor’ to his name. Not only did Lewis tattoo himself for his movie ‘The Crucible’ but he also took a year long training to act as Danny Flynn in ‘The Boxer‘.  Plus, the man actually suffered from pneumonia because he wore nothing but historic coats while shooting ‘Gangs of New York’.

Hollywood is full of guys like these- ready to risk all of it for one character. Remember Adrien Brody? The dude played piano four hours every day, moved to Europe with few possessions. Also, let’s not mention that he lost 30 Pounds to look like a starving man in ‘The Pianist’. That definitely is a great way to get in shape, and also win the Best Actor Academy Award!

Method acting will always be one golden technique in Hollywood. But why should anyone complain? It has given us the best of the best movies definitely!

Method Acting