WWE Star Kane Becomes Mayor of Knox Country in Tennessee

WWE star Glenn Jacobs or more popularly knows as Kane has won the elections for the mayor of Knox Country, Tennessee. He won the election in a convincing fashion, defeating his opponent- the Democratic nominee Linda Haney. The WWE star attained 51,804 votes compared to the 26,224 votes of Linda Haney.

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After the victory, the WWE superstar has been absolutely humble.

In fact, he is breaking stereotypes and being the American dream. During a victory speech, Kane considered the great team around him the real reason behind his victory. He added that it was very humbling that these people invested their time and energy into him. And that they actually believed in him. Kane said that since people have voted for him and tied their future to him, there is a great responsibility on him now.

Even thought Kane is a Republican, he campaigned a bi-partisan approach. This was meant to enhance the quality of life for his constituents and the Knox City voted red for ‘Big Red Machine’. His political career has been similar to his journey for super stardom. Both were laborious filled with his belief in himself despite external people doubting his capabilities. During the campaigning, Jacobs never wavered from his initial promises and messages.

While talking about it, Glenn Jacobs said that he always believed that he could win the election.

He shared that after he won the primary, people started telling him that nobody thought he had a chance. But Kane was surprised because he knew he could do it throughout. He also shared that he knew once people got to know him, he could prove his worth.

Kane also commented on the role of the WWE CEO Vince McMahon in his victory. McMahon has been Glenn Jacobs’ employer for 23 years now. He helped Kane pave his way into international success. Their relationship is very similar to that of a father and son. While talking about it, Kane became very softhearted. He shared that McMahon wanted to see them succeed, no matter what they do, because that reflects the company. On a personal level, the fact that McMahon was proud of Kane mattered to him a lot. Glenn Jacobs shared that the WWE CEO has done a lot for him and his family. Overall, Vince has been extremely supportive of this whole endeavor. And he even sent Kane a text that got him all choked up.

Jacobs’ victory is a proud and happy moments for the entire wrestling community. Previously, a lot of people have done great things while being WWE superstars. But Kane believes that people still have some sort of stereotype of WWE and he feels happy as he helped destroy it.